How ‘deeply disturbing’ police misstep derailed a sexual assault case

Dave Laughlin/CBC) Lindsay Jones · for CBC News · Posted: Nov 25, 2019 When she pulled into the gas station in Granville Ferry, N.S., midmorning on April 21, 2017, he was there waiting, just as he said he'd be, in his two-door red Honda Civic with a spoiler on the back. Nicole, a 35-year-old single [...]

The fearless rescuers who save right whales from certain death

Mackie Greene and Moira Brown during a whale rescue mission (Nick Hawkins) A North Atlantic right whale is tangled up in fishing gear and likely to die — unless this dauntless rescue team gets to him first It was sunrise as Mackie Green and his team launched from the government wharf in Shippagan, N.B., to [...]